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We ship to the continental US.

It is the CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY to protect themselves from accepting damaged merchandise. Before signing the delivery receipt, the customer has both the right and responsibility to do the following:

  • Visually inspect all cartons for holes, tears, and other indications of rough handling.
  • Fully remove merchandise from cartons and visually inspect it for any damage, NO MATTER HOW MINOR. Pay particular attention to any areas that correspond to damage appearing on the carton.
  • If there is any damage, the customer is not obligated to take delivery. They have the right to refuse delivery and if they do so, The customer must call 615-206-0077 or email to notify us of this refusal of delivery.
  • If the customer accepts delivery, They are responsible for all damages, whether or not the damage was noticed at the time of delivery. The customer’s signature on the delivery receipt indicates they are accepting the merchandise in “GOOD ORDER”.
  • If you cancel your order or refuse delivery after it has shipped you will be charged for the shipping to you, and the return shipping.
  • From consumer time of purchase, Orest America, Inc. will not be liable for any items damaged and/or lost while in transit to the specified address.
  • Lost or damaged claims must be addressed and resolved with the assigned carrier.
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